• What is Tronaxe?

    Tronaxe Matrix is an evolution of the concept of Ethereum Forsage - our Matrix code, including the Spillover algorithm functions exactly as Forsage so you can duplicate your strategies from Forsage and use them within Tronaxe Matrix.

    What is unique about Tronaxe Matrix is the Ease of Use and earn lifetime Income. The other great benefit of Tronaxe Matrix over Forsage is the incredibly low transaction costs that come with the Tronaxe Network.

    With just Tronaxe (1 TX) = 1 $, anyone can enter Tronaxe Platform. There are 2 Matrix – X1 and X2. From here the Users can choose to upgrade each Matrix independently. From this point, the User will be able to start building the Matrix, earning income and will also receive a lifetime income.

    Tronaxe is very similar to Forsage and Lion Share, but with 2 distinct differences:

    ➤ 1 TX = 1 $, the amount to enter the platform is very low which gives a broad network to the users to join as anyone can join with 1 TX = 1 $.

    ➤ The transaction costs incredibly cheap, and also very fast. Users get much more bang for the buck. We also believe Tronaxe is far easier to use, understand and therefore build the Matrix with. Being early also helps, now is the time to join the Tronaxe Platform - a biggest earning potential.

    Yes, User can register without Referral as user will be assigned under User ID: 1 and can then start to build the Matrix.

    Yes, User can share anywhere and everywhere. But avoid spamming forums and chat rooms. Creating content is a great place to start (For ex. YouTube videos, Medium content) that link directly to Users Tronaxe ref-url - but that is just one of many ways of promoting Users URL. Some people share on various crypto Telegram & Discord groups for example and make a great return.
    For complete details, read Tronaxe Guide.

    Users do not need a mass of people to start building a successful matrix. A Matrix starts with just 1 Partner. From there it can grow and grow - earning a passive income. Search for other Tronaxe content to see how others are sharing their content and Referral URL and follow similar strategies.
    For complete details, read Tronaxe Guide.

    User likely registered with the REF URL of a User that hadn't yet registered.
    If User registered with a referral URL of an inactive User that wasn't in the system yet – Tronaxe is unable to assign User to their Matrix and has to assign User to another.
    For complete details, read Tronaxe Guide.